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In 2001, During his tenure at Long Beach State School of Film, Matthew J Davis was required to take still photographs to compile story lines prior to using film equipment.  After purchasing an SLR Camera for the first time, Matthew instantly fell in love with Photography.  Matthew's mother, Rebecca Davis, was a Real Estate Broker and quickly turned to Matthew to capture her Listings for marketing flyers and MLS photos.  Matthew found that the interior photographs represented a major challenge and was determined to study the techniques used by professionals to get magazine quality pictures.  Matthew purchased books and tutorials on interior lighting for Real Estate, and attended industry seminars to start implementing the techniques in his own creative fashion.

With the birth of the Digital SLR Camera introduced in 2003 by Canon came a whole new world of possibilities.  Instant viewing of photos, no more film processing and downloadable CF Card Images made Real Estate Photography faster and cheaper than ever before.  In addition, photo editing software such as Photoshop allowed compositing photos to speed up the on-site process and allow for masking reflections and windows, in addition to making necessary adjustments for barrel distortion and pin cushion distortion, chromatic aberration, sharpness, contrast, exposure and color temperature.

In subsequent years, EMS has kept up with the latest technology using wifi and bluetooth connections for remote camera operation, radio transmitters for flash synchronization, and flash grouping for control at the camera.  In addition, EMS has taken to the skies with Professional Drones, and has entered the 3D Virtual Reality space with the introduction of Immersive 3D Tours.  With nearly 2 decades of experience and only top notch equipment, EMS Photography has a calling to excellence and delivers every time.


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Founder, Owner, Photographer

Drone Pilot and Video Production

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Photographer, Drone Pilot and Video Production



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