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The Professional Package delivers stunning and sharp magazine quality photos.  A Full Frame Camera and Ultra Wide Angle L Series Lens are used to capture amazing imagery.  In order to create balanced exposure and even color casts across the entire range of the photo, external speedlights and remote triggered studio strobes are used to light the interior of the home.  Multiple compositions are taken, and blended in processing software to mask out reflections, blend exposures and mask in ambient shadows.  Then the images are individually processed for exposure, saturation, color toning, white balance, sharpness, highlights and shadows.  The end result is crisp eye catching images that bring attention to your listings.

We recommend the Professional Package with every Listing.  The lighting makes such a dramatic difference by balancing the exposure values between the interior and exterior which prevents interior lights from being overexposed, and allows stunning views to be captured through windows.  Every property will show in the best light possible using the Professional Package.

The Professional Package typically takes around 2-3 hours, depending on the size of the home.  Many Sellers comment on the production and praise the Agent for hiring someone so detail oriented.  A common reference that Sellers use is that it feels like they're on a movie set.  Photos are typically delivered within 48 hours.  The Professional Package delivers 2 sets of photos through WeTransfer, an online download service.  The first are full resolution photographs for print work, flyers, mailers and advertisements.  The second are reduced sized photos for easier upload to the MLS, social media and online advertising.

The Professional Package is designed for Real Estate Agents that take their Business seriously.  It's not just photos for a Listing, it's an investment in their Clients, their Business, their Branding, and their Image.  We build long term relationships with our Agents and enjoy helping them sell homes faster and for more money.  Time and time again we are told about referrals that have been gained solely based on the photos from prior listings.  That is what makes us passionate about what we do.


The Basic Package is a great entry level package for new Agents to get a feel for how professional photography can benefit their business.  In addition it can be a great way to get pictures of flip houses, investment properties, mobile homes or other homes that won't showcase well online.  We start with a Full Frame Camera and an Ultra Wide Angle L Series Lens.  Rather than using external lights and compositing to shoot the Interior, we combine multiple exposure values in the camera to create a high dynamic range image.  The images are then batch processed for minor corrections to exposure, white balance, saturation and contrast.  Though these images do not catch the same attention as the Professional Package photos, they are certainly easier on the pocket book.

We recommend using the Basic Package only on homes that have adequate lighting.  Because no additional lighting equipment is used to light the photos it is necessary to have lights in every room to get a decent exposure.  In addition, color casts are prevalent using the Basic Package which means that lights will appear orange, yellow, green or blue, depending on the source, and can affect the color of walls, ceilings and furniture.  

The Basic Package typically takes around 30 minutes, depending on the size of the home.  The speed of these appointments helps to keep the cost affordable.  Because of this, the appointments are booked back to back and the home must be shot as-is.  It is important to ensure that the prep work be completed prior to the photographers arrival.  The Basic Package delivers 1 set of photos in lower resolution for easy upload to the MLS and social media.  They are not recommended for use in printed advertisements, flyers or mailers as they may show pixelated when printed.

The Basic Package is designed to add an entry level price point to Real Estate Photography so that every home can be professionally photographed.  We highly recommend upgrading to our Professional Package eventually to see how turning listing photos into a Business Development Strategy can benefit you as an Agent.  We believe strongly in presenting every property in the best light possible to benefit the Seller and the Agent alike.



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